The Big Data Framework White Paper

The Big Data Framework White Paper is an introduction to the benefits and capabilities of the Big Data Framework.

Transformation towards a Data Driven Enterprise can be regarded as an organizational change program. It requires a different way of thinking, in which all parts of the organization (from strategy to culture) play a vital role. Because of this requirement, the Big Data Framework was created.

The Big Data Framework is a structured approach that considers six core capabilities that enterprises need to consider to obtain long-lasting value from Big Data.

The topics of the framework range from the technical components of setting up a Big Data architecture towards the soft skills required to set up a Big Data center of excellence.

In this white paper, an overview is provided of the benefits of a framework approach towards Big Data. Subsequently, an introductory overview is provided of the six core capabilities of the Big Data Framework.

What People Are Saying:

The White Paper is an enlightening read that uncovers the core principles of effective data management. A must-have for professionals seeking to harness the potential of big data.

Nguyen Minh