Enterprise Big Data Professional Official Guide

The Enterprise Big Data Professional Guide is the official supporting book for the Enterprise Big Data Professional certification.

The Enterprise Big Data Professional official guide provides an introduction to the core concepts and techniques of Big Data, and provides an overview of the capabilities that organizations need to develop to move towards data-driven decision making.

The Enterprise Big Data Professional guide discusses the core concepts, technologies and practical use of Big Data technologies, based on the capability model of the Big Data Framework.

The Big Data Framework provides a holistic and compressive approach for enterprises that aim to leverage the value of data in their organizations. The framework covers all the essential aspects of Big Data that are necessary to understand and analyze massive quantities of data.

What People Are Saying:

The free Enterprise Big Data Professional Guide is a goldmine of knowledge, offering practical insights that are crucial for navigating the world of big data. A must-have for aspiring professionals.

Ethan Martinez

Outstanding guide! The free Professional Guide provided valuable insights and a comprehensive overview. A generous resource for anyone seeking a solid understanding of big data concepts.

Olivia Johnson