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Enterprise Big Data Analyst Official Guide

The guide is the official supporting book for the Enterprise Big Data Analyst certification.

The Enterprise Big Data Analyst training program is the second level of the Enterprise Big Data Framework course curriculum and certification program, that is globally accredited by APMG-International. The curriculum provides a vendor-neutral and objective understanding of Big Data architectures, technologies and processes.

The Enterprise Big Data Analyst Guide discusses advanced data analysis techniques in the context of Big Data. Working in a structure and reproductible manner, this course provides an overview of the most common algorithms for exploratory data analysis, statistical inference, predictive modelling and machine learning techniques (classification and clustering).

Course participants will learn the underlying theory of the different algorithms, and how each algorithm can be applied in practice in the R programming language.

What People Are Saying:

The free Enterprise Big Data Analyst Guide is a gem for anyone pursuing a career in data analysis. Packed with essential tips and real-world examples, it's a powerful resource to sharpen your skills.

Noah Brown

Empowering Guide! The free Analyst Guide is a game-changer for aspiring analysts. Its valuable insights and real-world scenarios have given me the confidence to excel in the world of data.

Mia Garcia