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Data Literacy Fundamentals Book

"Data Literacy Fundamentals" by Jan-Willem Middelburg is a comprehensive guide to mastering the basics of data literacy.

Jan-Willem Middelburg is an experienced data scientist and educator who has worked with organizations around the world to help them build data literacy skills.

In "Data Literacy Fundamentals", he covers all the essential concepts and techniques that are needed to become a confident, informed data consumer and decision-maker.

It is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their data literacy skills. With its accessible writing style, practical examples and exercises, and comprehensive coverage of key concepts and techniques, this book provides a solid foundation for building your knowledge and expertise. Whether you're new to data literacy or looking to brush up on your skills, "Data Literacy Fundamentals" is a valuable resource for anyone looking to work effectively with data.

This book is the official publication for the Data Literacy Fundamentals examination by APMG-International.

What People Are Saying:

Insightful and Accessible! The Data Literacy Fundamentals Book breaks down intricate data concepts into digestible insights. An invaluable tool for building essential data skills.

Mohammad Khan

Exceptional resource! The Data Literacy Fundamentals Book offers clear explanations and practical examples, making complex concepts easy to grasp. A must-read for anyone aiming to navigate the data-driven world.

William Clark