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Data Literacy Fundamentals Book


 "Data Literacy Fundamentals" by Jan-Willem Middelburg is a comprehensive guide to mastering the basics of data literacy. This book is the official publication for the Data Literacy Fundamentals examination by APMG-International.


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Data Literacy Fundamentals Book


Book Overview:

"Data Literacy Fundamentals" by Jan-Willem Middelburg is the definitive guide to mastering the essential principles of data literacy. This comprehensive book equips readers with the knowledge and skills required to become confident, informed data consumers and decision-makers. Whether you're new to the world of data or seeking to enhance your existing data literacy, this resource is tailored to meet your needs.



Jan-Willem Middelburg is a distinguished data scientist and educator with a wealth of experience working alongside organizations worldwide. He is renowned for his expertise in helping these organizations develop robust data literacy skills. In "Data Literacy Fundamentals," Middelburg shares his extensive knowledge, ensuring that readers benefit from a trusted source.


Key Benefits:
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This book encompasses all fundamental concepts and techniques vital for data literacy, making it suitable for beginners and those looking to strengthen their knowledge.
  • Accessible Writing Style: Middelburg's accessible writing style ensures that complex data concepts are presented in a clear, easy-to-understand manner.
  • Practical Examples and Exercises: Readers will find numerous practical examples and exercises that reinforce their understanding and enable hands-on learning.
  • Official Resource: "Data Literacy Fundamentals" serves as the official publication for the Data Literacy Fundamentals examination by APMG-International, validating its authority and relevance.


Why Choose "Data Literacy Fundamentals":

"Data Literacy Fundamentals" stands out as the ultimate guide for anyone looking to navigate the data-driven world effectively. Its official endorsement by APMG-International underscores its authority in the field of data literacy. This book ensures that readers of all levels can build a strong foundation in data literacy.


Cancellation/Refund Policy:

Please note that the book is non-refundable. Ensure you review the terms and conditions before purchasing.


Who Should Read This Book:

Data Enthusiasts

Ideal for individuals eager to dive into the world of data and develop a solid foundation in data literacy.


A valuable resource for professionals seeking to enhance their data literacy skills for more informed decision-making.


Suitable for students studying data-related disciplines who want to gain a practical understanding of data concepts.

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Mohammad Khan

"Insightful and Accessible! The Data Literacy Fundamentals Book breaks down intricate data concepts into digestible insights. An invaluable tool for building essential data skills."

William Clark

"Exceptional resource! The Data Literacy Fundamentals Book offers clear explanations and practical examples, making complex concepts easy to grasp. A must-read for anyone aiming to navigate the data-driven world."

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