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The Big Data Framework White Paper


The Big Data Framework White Paper serves as your gateway to understanding the benefits and capabilities of the Big Data Framework.



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The Big Data Framework White Paper


  • Unlocking Data-Driven Transformation: Transformation towards a Data-Driven Enterprise is akin to an organizational change program. It necessitates a shift in thinking, involving all facets of an organization, from strategy to culture. To facilitate this transformation, the Big Data Framework was conceived.
  • A Structured Approach: The Big Data Framework offers a structured approach, considering six core capabilities that enterprises must embrace to derive enduring value from Big Data.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: The framework encompasses a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from the technical components of establishing a Big Data architecture to the soft skills essential for setting up a Big Data Center of Excellence.


What the White Paper Covers
  • Benefits of a Framework Approach: In this white paper, we outline the advantages of adopting a framework approach when dealing with Big Data. You'll gain insights into how a structured methodology can enhance your organization's ability to harness the power of data.
  • Introduction to Six Core Capabilities: Subsequently, we provide an introductory overview of the six core capabilities that comprise the Big Data Framework. These capabilities are crucial for navigating the complex landscape of Big Data effectively.


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